MONTERO Gen3 - Transmission Crossmember Bushing


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Product Overview


Year  Model  Generation  Engine 
2001-2006 Montero Gen3 3.5L V6, 3.8L V6



Part Number  Description  Quantity Per Vehicle 
2910A065 Transmission Crossmember Bushing (Upper) 4
2910066 Transmission Crossmember Bushing (Lower) 4

Genuine Mitsubishi Part, not aftermarket

Quantity Per Vehicle: 4 Upper, 4 Lower

These transmission crossmember bushings dry out and shrink with age and as a result, your transmission begins to sag overtime which can cause harsher shifts. If when you shift from Park into Reverse or Drive and there is a loud/harsh jolt as the car goes into gear this can often be one of the causes (diff bushings and internal transmission issues can also cause this).

Replacing these 8 crossmember bushings is an easy job and does not require the use of a hydraulic press. The bushings can simply be removed and replaced by hand from the crossmember. We recommend replacing these if you're already doing a transmission filter and fluid service since the crossmember needs to come off anyway to remove the transmission pan. 

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