MONTERO Gen3 - Front 3 Skid Plates

Boo's Bash Plates

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Product Overview


Year Model Generation Engine
2001-2006 Montero Gen3 3.5L V6, 3.8L V6


Location Material Thickness Coating Weight (lbs) Quantity Per Vehicle
Front Steel 3mm Silver Zinc Plated 13 1
Oil Pan Steel 3mm Silver Zinc Plated 14 1
Transmission Steel 3mm Silver Zinc Plated 19 1


The 3 most popular skid plates (Front, Oil Pan, and Transmission) can be purchased individually or save $40 and buy them as a set!
No drilling, cutting, or permanent modifications to the vehicle are required for any of these skid plates and any additional hardware that is needed is included.
These famous Pajero bash plates from Down Under have finally made it to the USA!
Boo's Bash Plates are 100% Aussie made using state-of-the-art laser cutters and computerized brake presses for a perfect fit. All plates feature silver zinc plating that not only looks great but offers superior rust and corrosion protection. 
When it comes to building a 4x4/overland rig, our recommendation is to always start with getting the vehicle caught up on maintenance so that it won't leave you stranded. But next, we believe armor should be a top priority. Before aftermarket wheels, before roof top tents, slide out kitchens, and light bars galore - protecting your vehicle's critical (and expensive) driveline and suspension components is always money well spent if you're going to play past where the pavement ends.
*NOTE - While every effort is made to protect the skid plates during production and shipping, minor scuffs and scratches are a normal occurrence. 

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