MONTERO Gen3 - Front Strut Bushing, Upper (MR374546)

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Year  Model  Generation Engine  Quantity Per Vehicle 
2001-2006 Montero Gen3 3.5L V6, 3.8L V6 2


Genuine Mitsubishi Part
Regardless of what brand of monotube shock/spring combo you choose for your Gen3, this part is still used in the assembly of your strut. 
Rubber components play a critical part in your front struts and suspension by absorbing impact, maintaining height, and dampening vibration and noise. When it comes to critical and high pressure/stress rubber components, Genuine Mitsubishi Parts are the only rubber parts we recommend. These items take a lot of abuse, particuarly offroad and on heavier HD coil equipped vehicles.
In addition to selling this item individually, we also sell a money-saving strut bushing kit
The components that wear out the fastest and take the most abuse go from bottom to top. The lower coil spring pad is by far the most important one to replace, there's a good chance yours is worn all the way through or missing altogether if it has never been replaced before. Next come the two strut bushings, they might be in okay shape in terms of not having any cracks or major flaws but we can almost guarantee they'll be much smaller and harder than new. Lastly are the the upper spring pads, these hold up the best and can often be reused if no major flaws or deformations are present. However, if switching to aftermarket coil springs with a flat top coil then we recommend replacing the top coil pad to ensure proper seating because it will have been formed over time to seat the OE spring's rounded top coil. 
Additionally, if you are wanting maximum lift from your front suspension, new bushings and pads play a large part in that and can affect the ride height by up to 1/2". 

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