MONTERO 1997 Gen2 3.5L SOHC - Thermostat (MD194988)

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Year  Model Generation Engine Quantity Per Vehicle 
1997 Montero Gen2 3.5L SOHC V6 1

Genuine Mitsubishi Part, not aftermarket. 

The 1997 Montero has its own unique thermostat with an operating temp of 180F. Mitsubishi went to a 190F thermostat on 1998-2000 Monteros for emissions reasons. We recommend running the factory spec temperature for your vehicle's year.

There is no comparison in quality, strength, and reliability between aftermarket thermostats and Genuine Mitsubishi units. A properly functioning thermostat is a critical part of your cooling system and we STRONGLY RECOMMEND using only genuine theromostats. 

180F OE Temp (82C)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review