MONTERO Gen1 & Early Gen2 - HD Torsion Bars (1278mm)

Lovells Springs

OEM Interchange Part Numbers:
MB633892, MB633893, MB176525, MB176526
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Product Overview


1983-1991* Montero Gen1 2.6L I4, 3.0L V6


Sold in Pairs

Lovells heavy duty Torsion Bars are available as an upgrade to enhance the load carrying ability of vehicles which have independent front ends (torsion bar front). Lovells torsion bars are manufactured from larger diameter bar than original equipment which will increase spring rate and maintain ride height when the vehicle is fitted with constant added weight over the front such as a steel bumper, winch, skids plates, etc. Lovells Torsion bars feature ‘upset’ forged ends which increase strength by improving the steel structure and rolled splines.

Length: 1278mm - *Always measure your existing torsion bars to confirm length prior to ordering. *Some early Gen2s also used these shorter 1278mm Gen1 torsion bars but we do not know exactly when Mitsubishi switched over to these longer bars so always measure your existing torsion bars to confirm length prior to ordering. 

Bar Diameter: 26mm

Load Specs: HD Torsion Bars - Supports up to 220lbs of added constant weight


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Warranty Information

2 years / 25,000 miles