MONTERO Gen 3 - Air Filter

WIX Filters

OEM Interchange Part Numbers::
MZ690198, MR571476, MR404849
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Product Overview

Year  Model  Generation  Engine  Quantity Per Vehicle 
2001-2006 Montero  Gen 3  3.5L V6, 3.8L V6 1


This Wix filter is great for those needing top-quality filtration and wanting to save a few bucks compared to the Genuine Mitsubishi unit.

It's especially important to have a high-quality air filter in an offroad vehicle given the amount of dust and dirt they encounter. For this reason, we're big fans of Wix Filters - no horsepower claims here, just top-notch contamination filtering to keep your engine safe.

But don't take our word for it:


Wix Premium Air Filters provide excellent engine protection for normal and severe driving conditions such as dirt roads, construction sites, stop-and-go traffic, short trips, and interstate travel.

Features & Benefits:

  • 30% more media than OES filters
  • Phenolic resin treated cellulose media that contains glass and polyester in order to provide excellent durability against moisture ingestion
  • Efficiency of 99.5%
  • Traps 3X the contaminants of leading competitor filters
  • Polyurethane seal possesses high tear strength and survives extreme hot and cold conditions
  • Expanded metal reinforcement with the large diamond pattern is designed to improve air flow and decrease restriction