MONTERO Gen 2, 2.5, 3; SPORT - Updated V6 Crankshaft Center Bolt & Washer Set


OEM Part Number(s)::
1100A141, MR994412
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Product Overview


Year Model Generation Engine Quantity Per Vehicle
2001-2006 Montero Gen 3 3.5L, 3.8L V6 1
1995-2000 Montero Gen 2, 2.5 3.0L V6, 3.5L V6 1
1994 Montero Gen 2 3.5L V6 1
1994* Montero Gen 2 24V 3.0L V6 1
1997-2004 Montero Sport   3.0L V6, 3.5L V6 1






*1994 was a transition year, if you have the 3.0L V6, verify you have the newer 24 valve engine and not the older 12 valve model.

Genuine Mitsubishi Parts.

These are critical parts that must be replaced on every Montero because the original bolt design was defective and would often back out & break, ruining the crankshaft and possibly other engine components in the process. This updated Genuine Mitsubishi Crankshaft Bolt fixes that problem and also comes with permanent red thread locker already applied.  We HIGHLY recommend that the original Crankshaft Washer be replaced at the same time so that's why we created this money-saving kit.
*Note - One side of the washer has a bevel around the inner hole, this should be installed towards the head of the crankshaft bolt.
How can you tell if you have the original defective crankshaft bolt?
Easy, the original bolt was much longer so if your existing crankshaft bolt head sits almost flush with the end of the pulley then you have the original one that needs to be replaced.