MONTERO Gen 1 & 2; MMM - OEM Timing Belt Kit, 12V 3.0L V6

Luso Overland

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Year Model Generation Engine Quantity Per Vehicle
1992-1994 Montero Gen2 12V 3.0L V6 1
1989-1991 Montero Gen1 12V 3.0L V6 1
1990-1994 Mighty Max Gen2 12V 3.0L V6 1




100% OEM Parts
We've gone ahead and put together the only 100% OEM 12V 3.0L V6 Timing Belt Kit that includes all 4 items that should always be replaced. Aside from having the correct parts, it's also crucial that these parts are installed correctly so a copy of the Factory Service Manual instructions are also included.
Kit Contents: 
1x Timing Belt
1x Water Pump Kit
1x Tensioner
1x Tensioner Spring
2x FSM Instructions (Montero Gen1 & Gen2 Versions)
Additional Recommended Items (not included in this kit) - Parts that are often a good idea to replace while doing a timing belt service:
  • Revised Crank bolt & Washer - If your Montero is still running with the original defective crank bolt, now is the time to get that out of there!
  • Front Camshaft Seals - A common oil leak point, we recommend replacing these at least every other timing belt job (120,000 miles)
  • Front Crankshaft Seal - Not as common of a leak point as the camshaft seals, but worth replacing every other timing belt job (120,000 miles)
  • Crankshaft Sprocket Flange - This is not something that needs to be replaced, but it does often get damaged during removal when trying to get to the crankshaft seal. So it's handy to have a new one on hand in case that happens so it won't bring the job to a standstill.
  • Thermostat - We believe in replacing the thermostat any time any major cooling system work is done or at the very least, every time you replace your coolant (usually every 5 years/100,000 miles).
  • Radiator Cap - A properly functioning radiator cap is an important but often overlooked part of a vehicle's cooling system.