MONTERO Gen3 - NM 3.5L Exhaust Manifold - Right / Passenger (MR497482)

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OEM Interchange Part Number(S)::
MR497482, MR497545
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Year  Model  Generation  Engine  Quantity Per Vehicle 
2001-2002 Montero Gen3 3.5L V6 1


These Exhaust Manifolds are the only aftermarket exhaust manifolds for the Gen3 Montero 3.5L available in the USA, so if your Montero has a cracked manifold (as is very common on the original OEM ones), your options currently are: 
1. New OEM manifold for around $300 from Mitsubishi
2. Aftermarket Headers shipped from Australia for around $500-$1,000 (added welding and O2 spacers may be required)
3. Used Junkyard unit - but high probability it has cracks in it as well 
4. This new manifold for less than 1/2 the price of the OEM unit.
As you can see, these are not Swiss quality made parts. The castings will have imperfections and pits, the heat shield threads are often not perfectly centered, and there are visible hand grinding/finishing marks. But this unit will bolt up correctly and will get you back on the road for less than 1/2 the price of OEM. We've used these manifolds on our own Monteros, have sold many over the last 3 years, and have yet to see or hear of a single failure.
2 Exhaust Manifold Flange studs are included: interchange Mitsubishi Part Number MR497545
Don't forget the gaskets! For best results, using new gaskets (not included) ensures a proper seal:
ACCESSORIES: Includes 2 Exhaust Manifold Flange Studs 
*This part is for the Full Size Montero, NOT the Montero Sport. 
Also, please note this is for the 3.5L engine, if you have the 3.8L engine please see our other listings.

Warranty Information

6 months


(No reviews yet) Write a Review