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Product Overview

ToastyFab 3"x3" Sticker

Made In USA with high quality inks on UV and weatherproof vinyl.


Who is Toasty? 

Toasty is one of the foremost Montero experts in the USA, you might recognize his handle from the Expedition Portal Mitsubishi Forum or Instagram. He has owned every generation of Montero (last we checked he was on his 23rd Montero); Mitsubishi engineers used to send him parts to R&D; he organizes the yearly Montero offroad pilgrimage to the Sierras, and is a mad scientist and professional toaster of metal who has pretty much done everything under the sun imaginable to the platform: From full body swaps to subframe drops, from solid axle conversions to powerplant transplants. 

For years, Toasty has been fabricating some of the most high quality and overbuilt Montero components in the world. Many of you have his creations on your vehicle and here's the perfect way to let the Montero world know: with this cute Japanese anime-inspired ToastyFab logo sticker...which is the only way Toasty would have it.