MONTERO Gen1, 2 & 3, SPORT - Updated V6 Crankshaft Center Bolt Washer (MR994412)

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Fitment: All Montero V6 Engines

 Year  Model  Generation  Engine  Quantity Per Vehicle 
2001-2006 Montero Gen3 3.5L, 3.8L V6 1
1992-2000 Montero Gen2/2.5 3.0L V6, 3.5L V6 1
1989-1991 Montero Gen1 3.0L V6 1
1997-2004 Montero Sport Gen 1 & 2 3.0L V6, 3.5L V6 1



Genuine Mitsubishi Part.

The Crankshaft Bolt is a critical part that must be replaced on every V6 Montero because the original bolt design was defective and would often back out & break, ruining the crankshaft and possibly other engine components in the process.  We HIGHLY recommend that the original Crankshaft Washer also be replaced at the same time.
*Note - One side of this washer has a bevel around the inner hole, this should be installed towards the head of the crankshaft bolt.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review