FireAde Fire Extinguisher


$22.95 - $32.95

Product Overview

In our opinion, this is hands down the best fire extinguishing agent ever made and a must have piece of equipment.

Here's why:

  • First and foremost, FireAde's fire extinguishing capabilities are unmatched
  • Safe for use in vehicles and indoors, non-corrosive, will not destroy your engine or wiring
  • Water-based, non-toxic, pet-safe, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly
  • Eliminates the flammability of the ignition source
  • Prohibits reignition on already extinguished surfaces
  • Cools surfaces instantly
  • Industry-leading discharge times (30oz - 90 seconds, 16oz - 30 seconds @ 15 feet)
  • Compact Size, 16oz: 9.875"H x 2.625"W, 30oz: 11.75"H x 3.0" W
  • Minimum 5 year can shelf life. Can features status indicator gauge, no recharging needed
  • Multi-use can, can be used just like a can of spray paint 
  • No messy clean ups, dries with no residue or sticky mess, will not stain
  • Affordable - If this product cost 10 times as much it would still be a great value compared to the dry powder or halon gas alternatives 
  • Made In USA

FireAde is the official fire extinguisher of the NHRA and carried by track personnel at all NHRA races as well as by the fire crew on duty.

FireAde is used by over 7,000 Fire Departments, Airports, and onboard US Navy Aircraft Carriers and Submarines.

Watch FireAde extinguish a massive Oil Tank Fire in Saudi Arabia by forming a lid of foam on top of the fuel.

Please watch this short video to see this revolutionary product in action:

FireAde vs Dry Powder

If you just have a regular dry powder fire extinguisher in your vehicle, you're truly missing out. Not only is the massive white cloud they produce extremely toxic, it's not very good at extinguishing vehicle fires, particularly intense petroleum based ones. First of all, most dry powder extinguishers have a tiny discharge time of around 10-15 seconds and the stream must be applied to the base of the fire to do anything at all. Getting to the base of the fire/fire source in a crowded engine bay is not an easy thing to do. Furthermore, if you do manage to put out an engine fire, dry powder does nothing to prohibit it from re-igniting. Additionally, something that few people know, unfortunately, is that dry powder fire extinguishers are very corrosive. The fine powder particles will make their way into every nook and cranny of your engine and vehicle and eat away at aluminum and electrical components. Even in the unlikely event that you do manage to put out a vehicle fire with a dry powder extinguisher, you will have still destroyed your vehicle in the process. The corrosiveness of dry powder extinguishers is so powerful that the FAA requires that if a dry powder extinguisher is used onboard an aircraft, that aircraft must then be disassembled bolt by bolt, have every surface cleaned, and then reassembled before it can be recertified to fly because of how much damage untreated dry powder can do on aluminum and wiring components. 

FireAde vs Halon Gas

Because of the issues with dry powder fire extinguishers noted above, halon gas extinguishers are commonly used in the aviation industry. However, halon gas extinguishers have their issues too. They're extremely expensive, even more toxic than dry powder (deadly if inhaled), and like dry powder they do not cool surfaces, prohibit reignition, cannot eliminate the flammability of the fuel, and suffer from miniscule discharge times. They're also very ineffecive outdoors as the gas escapes into the atmosphere rather than being directed onto the fire. 

FireAde® is a 1:B rated personal fire extinguisher designed for easy application and extinguishment of fire outdoors and around the house using our signature FireAde® firefighting foam. No mess, non-corrosive, water-based formula leaves no rsidue and wipes up easily. Effective on Class A and Class B fires (97% of all fires).
*An additional note from Luso Overland - We've been assured by FireAde that their product is also effective on electrical fires (Class C), hence why it is the official extinguisher at all NHRA events to safeguard dragsters worth over $500,000. FireAde is currently undergoing testing at Underwriters Laboratories for the UL-8 certification which is required prior to Class C testing. However this certification is taking much longer than normal because FireAde is such a revolutionary product that it does not fit into the existing test's criteria which was written decades ago for dry powder extinguishers. As such, the testing for FireAde has been transferred to UL's Special Projects Division. Once the UL-8 rating is completed, FireAde will be able to be submitted for Class C and Coast Guard certification for which they fully expect to pass.  


We stock FireAde's Roll Bar Holsters but since Montero's don't have rollbars or any exposed tubing, we experimented with several different mounts and recommend these Aluminum Quick Release Mounts by Aufer. They will work with either size of FireAde extinguisher and can be mounted to any flat surface using two bolts/screws through the pre-drilled holes in the mount's base.