MONTERO Gen3 - Rear Diff Mount Bushings, Rear


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OEM Interchange Part Number(s)::
MR418671, MR418676
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Year  Model  Generation  Engine  Quantity Per Vehicle 
2001-2006 Montero  Gen3 3.5L V6, 3.8L V6



  • 2x Rear Diff Mount Bushings, Rear of Diff to Subframe

Proudly made in Australia and tested in the extremes of the outback, PolyTuff polyurethane components exceed OEM specifications for both durability and performance. Renowned for producing superior car and 4X4 suspension bushings, the PolyTuff secret is in their unique polyurethane formulation that delivers a great ride as well as improved handling, both on and offroad.

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Warranty Information

5 Years / 60,000 miles


(No reviews yet) Write a Review