MONTERO Gen3 - StopTech Sport Brake Rotor, Rear

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Product Overview

DROP SHIP ONLY - PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 8 WEEKS TO RECEIVE STOPTECH ITEMS. After receiving your order we will email you within 2 business days with an ETA.

We love StepTech brakes and would love to stock them but they currently don't sell many Montero items and as a result, manufacture them to order. So rather than stock some parts, then deal with long back orders, we're just going to do these items as drop ship only for now. As we increase StopTech's Montero product sales and they increase production as a result, and as we get a better idea of our monthly sales/inventory needs, then we can begin stocking these parts to reduce lead times. 


Year  Model  Generation  Engine  Quantity Per Vehicle 
2001-2006 Montero Gen3 3.5L V6, 3.8L V6 2



Locaton: Rear

These Ultra-Premium Rotors feature:

  • Standard rotor face 
  • Symmetric vane, split-core castings for uniform heat distribution.
  • Black E-Coat anti-corrosive coating protects much better than competitors' spray paint or phosphate finishes.
  • Double disc ground friction surface for optimal performance and service life. 

Note - Like many aftermarket rotors, these do not have a hole for the retention set screw. This does not affect function in any way; the primary reason the little set screw is found on OEM rotors is to hold the rotor and keep it from falling off during production while the vehicle travels down the assembly line. In fact, it is common practice for mechanics to remove these in high rust environments as they are notorious for seizing the rotor to the hub.

Cryogenic Treatment Add-On

Cryogenically treated brake rotors are for drivers who want maximum durability from their brake rotors. Although not apparent to the naked eye, deep cryogenic processing permanently refines the grain structure of the metal at the atomic level. This creates metallurgically improved and stabilized rotors that have a more dense, smoother structure. As a result, you reduce heat and wear on brake rotors and pads allowing them to perform better and last longer while providing maximum strength against failure under the harshest braking demands.

  • Strength: Resist fading, cracking, and warping.
  • Longevity: Rotors last 2-3 times longer. Fewer pads and rotors are needed.
  • Performance: Rotors stop consistently and predictably.

The Cryogenic treatment will be done at StopTech's California facility. Please allow 2-3 weeks extra for this process.


StopTech has been a brake industry leader for decades and makes some of the finest brake products out there. Specializing in racing and performance brakes, StopTech was the natural choice when we went looking for upgraded brake components. Many built up Monteros weigh as much as 3 tons and when you're peering down a 30 degree rock face or towing a 4,000lb camper, the stock brakes need all the help they can get.

StopTech was founded in 1999 with a principal vision to manufacture high performance brake components and systems for street and track use. With racing in its DNA, StopTech brake components are engineered to dramatically improve overall braking performance over Original Equipment parts. The company is now a leader in Balanced Brake Upgrades™ for production cars with a strong presence in the SPEED World Challenge® Touring Car Series, and the Grand-Am® Cup as well.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review